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Productos naturales empleados para tratar trastornos relacionados con la sexualidad.

Black Ant King for Men
Use for erectile dysfunction, low libido. Enhances male sexual functions, treating premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea.
Ingredients: Cordyceps sinensis, saffron crocus,snow lotus herb,Polyrhachis vicina roger (Black Ant), Formica Sanguinea, Ginseng (root) Hippocampi, Medlar, Proprietary Blend of Essential Amino Acids and Trace Minerals.
Directions for Use: Take one pill one hour before sexual activity. Do not exceed one pill within 24 hour period.
Contents: 10 pills, 3800 mg each.$20.00

Cong Rong Bu Shen Wan or Macrovirex Extract
Invigorates liver, kidneys. Strengthens yang. Particularly beneficial for male impotence, sterility due to deficient kidney yang with lassitude, cold pain in loins and knees, flaccidity of extremities, aversion to cold, vertigo, tinnitus. May also benefit female sterility, cold womb, irregular menstruation with mental and physical fatigue and energy loss.
Ingredients: Desert broomrape 425mg, Rehmannia 425mg, Japanese dodder seed 423 mg, schisandra fruit 7 mg.
Directions for Use: Take 8 pills three times daily.
Contents: 200 pills.

Brand: Gansu Tianshui Medicine, China. $4.00

Double Dragon Pills
Developed by herbalists during the reign of Emperor Chang of the Ching/Manchu Dynasty, this complex formula works to increase vigor, vitality, strength and general wellness. Use to promote circulation, to promote sexual well being and to support joie de vivre.
Ingredients: Sea Dragon 8.25mg, Sea Horse 8.25mg, Morinda Root (ba ji tian) 27.39 mg, Eucommia Cortex (du zhong) 15.84 mg, Cistanche deserticola (Y.C. Ma.) Herb 15.84mg, Epimedium Herb 15.84mg, Oriental Ginseng Root 15.84 mg, Harts Horn 4.95mg, Licorice Root 16.5mg, Ligusticum Acutilobum Root 9.9mg, Dioscorea Hypoglauca Palib. Rhizome 9.9mg, Lycium Berries (go qi zi) 9.9mg, Cordyceps Fungus 8.25mg, Rehmannia Root (di huang) 8.25mg.
Other ingredients: Red 40 Blue 1, Yellow 6 and Titanium Dioxide.
Directions for Use as specified on manufacturer's label.

Made by Peiping Tai Yuet Tong Medicine, Hong Kong.
Contents: 60 red pills and 60 yellow pills. $8.75

Hai Ma Jian Shen Wan
For use as male tonic with kidney yin and yang deficiency. Improves yin essential fluids while supporting yang essential fire. Beneficial for lowered sex drive, lowered sperm count, restlessness, insomnia, fatigue. Restores youthful circulation.
Oriental ginseng root (ren shen), lycium berries (gou qi zi), clove fruit (ding xiang), ripened scurfy-pea fruit (bu gu zhi), polyporus sclerotium (fu ling), astragalus root (huang qi), prepared rehmannia root tuber (shu di huang), fleshy prawn, ripened asiatic dogwood fruit (shan zhu yu), dong quai root (dang gui), codonopsis root (dang shen), cinnamon bark (gui pi), palm leaf raspberry fruit (rubus chingii hu - fu pen zi), Chinese yam rhizome (shan yao), Chinese licorice root and rhizome (gan cao), ripened fennel fruit (xiao hui xiang), epimedium (yin yang huo), ripened chinese dodder seed (tu su zi), ripened schisandra fruit (wu wei zi), ripened flat-stem milkvetch seed (sha yuan zi), eucommia bark (du zhong). Other ingredients: Starch, honey.
Contents: 120 pills
Directions for Use: Take 6 pills twice daily.

Brand: Great Wall Brand, China. $8.00

Imperial & Superior Sea Dog Pills
Use to restore male performance and happiness. Use as treatment for impotence, weakened mental state. sexual infirmity, premature ejaculation, senility, debility in lumbus and knees with dizziness and tinnitus.
Ingredients: Eucommia bark, epimedium brevicorum plant, panax ginseng root, cordyceps sinensis fruiting body, polygonum multiflorum root, poria cocos, angelica sinensis, codonopsis pilosula, rehmannia glutinosa raw, rehmannia glutinosa cooked. Made by Luen Hop Pharmaceutical, Hong Kong.
Directions for Use: Take 4 pills, twice a day with warm water.
Contents: 240 pills per bottle.

Brand: Luen Hop Pharm, Hong Kong. $12.50

Indian God Lotion
Historically precious and yet still relevant. The Emperess Dowager's lover is said to have used this lotion to sustain her interest.
Ingredients: Isopropyl alcohol, water, perfume and cnidium fruit. Made by Wah Yan Hong, Hong Kong.
Directions for Use:  Spray directly with case vertical onto body part thirty minutes prior.
Contents: 3 ml (.1 fl. oz.)
Brand: Wah Yan Hong, Hong Kong. $12.00

Japan Tengu Mokorin
Increases libido, mental preparation, stamina and endurance. Use for male sexual well being. 
Ingredients: Mukunan (Mucuna pruriens) seed, Mace extract (Lepidium meyenii) root, L-arginine, Rehmannia glutinosa root, Tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia) root. 
Directions for Use: Take two tabs twice daily with warm water.
Contents: 28 tablets, 500 mg each. $25.00

Jin Kui Shen Qi Wan or Golden Book Tea
A classical prescription for kidney qi and yang also called Rehmannia 8 or Sexotan. Use for yang and qi deficient syndromes such as cold hands or feet, lower backache, poor digestion with gas or undigested food in stool, persistent diarrhea, poor circulation, frequent urination, edema, impotence and infertility, and sexual dysfunction.
Ingredients: Rehmannia Root, Dioscorea root, cornus fruit, moutan bark, poria fungus, alisma rhizome, cinnamon bark, aconite root. Made by Lanzhou Foguang Pharmaceutical Co., China.
Directions for Use: Take 8-10 pill, three times a day.
Contents: 200 pills per bottle.

Brand: Lanzhou, China. $6.00

Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan or Energexin Extract
Invigorates kidney yang and qi. Astringes seminal discharge. Use specifically for male sexual dysfunction including nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation due to weak kidneys. Also useful as an astringent for leukorrhea (vaginal discharge), excessive sweating, and diarrhea.
Ingredients: Sacred lotus seed 880 mg, euryale seed 440 mg, flat stem milkvetch seed 440 mg, oyster shell 220 mg, os draconis fossil 220 mg.
Directions for Use: Take 15 pills three times daily.
Contents: 200 pills.

Brand: Gansu Tianshui Medicine, China. $4.00

Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan or Golden Lock Tea
Classical prescription for tonifying kidney yang and qi and to astringe seminal discharge. Use for male sexual dysfunction including nocturnal emission, (PE) premature ejaculation due to weak kidneys. Use also for Taoist ritual practice of ejaculation control, as astringent for leukorrhea (vaginal discharge), for excessive sweating, diarrhea.
Ingredients: Lotus seed 33%, astragaluls seed 17%, euryale seed 17%, lotus stamen 17%, dragon tooth 8%, oyster shell 8%. Made by Lanzhou, China.
Directions for Use: Take 15 pills, three times a day.
Contents: 100 pills per bottle.

Brand: Lanzhou, China. $6.00

Kang Wei Ling
Tonifies blood, invigorating liver qi, building sperm and jing (the essence of procreation, the basis of strong or weak constitutions, a congenital qi which is stored in the kidneys and circulates in the 8 extra channels). Use as tonic for male impotence, premature ejaculation and lack of sexual drive. Clinically effective treatment for impotence in China.
Ingredients: Angelica dang gui, licorice root, paeonia root, centipede.
Directions for Use: Take 10-15 pills twice a day with wine for 15 days.
Contents: 120 pills per bottle. $10.00

New Ginseng Formula Sexual Enhancer for Men
Beneficial for erectile dysfunction (ED) and other yang deficiencies with symptoms of impotence, nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation.
Ingredients: Ginseng extract, oyster extract, epimedium extract, royal jelly, dan shen root.
Directions for Use: Take one tab 45 minutes before sexual activity.
Contents: 6 tablets. $20.00

Power Man
Boosts sexual stamina, addressing minor ED with a host of herbs.
Ingredients: Secret formulation based on pseudoginseng root.
Directions for Use: Take one pill one hour before sexual activity.
Contents: $10.00

Strong Man Bao or Qiang Li Nan Bao
Strong male tonic to improve and maintain male sexual vitality. Addresses kidney yang deficient states, improving kidney and spleen qi and promoting blood circulation. Beneficial for impotence, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low or lacking sex drive associated with stress, age or fatigue. Other yang deficient symptoms including lower back pain, poor memory or digestion may accompany.
Ingredients: Asian ginseng root 80 mg, Morinda root 80 mg, Astragalus Root 80 mg, Cynomorium fleshy stem 80 mg, Sharp leaf galangal fruit 30 mg. Made by Wuzhou RFX Company, China. Imported by KGS, Brooklyn, NY.
Directions for Use: Take 1-2 capsules twice daily.
Contents: 20 capsules, 350 mg each. Net wt .25 oz/ 7g.

Brand: Wuzhou RFX Co, China. $8.50

Tiger King Supplement
For premature ejaculation and ED.
Contains active ingredient found in Viagra, sildanefil. This may interact with nitrates founds in Rx drugs such as nitroglycerin and may lower blood pressure to dangerous levels. Men with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or heart disease often take nitrates and should not introduce this product into their regimen. $20.00

Vital Essence Plus or Gejie Bu Shen Wan
General tonic for kidney yang and qi. Use for deficient kidney yang resulting in overall weakness and fatigue with frequent urination, cold extremities, poor circulation, poor digestion with undigested food appearing in the stool. Extremely helpful for impotence, poor memory and fatigue post male sexual ejaculation. Also known as Gecko Tonify Kidney Pills.
Ingredients: Asian ginseng (root), Astragalus (root), Lycium (fruit), Ligustrum (fruit), Poria (sclerotium), Rehmannia (cured root tuber), Bai-zhu atractylodes (rhizome).
Directions for Use: Take 2 three times daily.
Contents: 50 capsules per bottle.

Brand: Yulin Pharm, Guangxi, China. $5.00

Vitality Plus Formula or Te Xiao Kang Wei Ling
Tonifies blood, invigorating liver qi to build sperm and jing. Use for male impotence, premature ejaculation, low energy, low libido and other male sexual deficiencies. Removes blood stasis and blood deficiency to restore natural balance and performance. Results may be immediate. Safe for long term use.
Ingredients: Sharpleaf Galangal Fruit 180mg, Morinda root 180mg, Cynomorium (freshy stem) 140mg, Curculigo (rhizome) 100mg, Japanese dodder seeds 100mg.
Directions for Use: Take 2 capsules each time with warm water, 2 - 3 times a day. (For best result, use before breakfast and before bed time.)
Brand: Wuzhou RFX Co, China. $8.50

Yanourish Remedy, You Gui Wan
Nourishes kidney yang, addressing specifically spermatorrhea with symptoms including pallid face, intolerance of cold, cold weak extremities, spontaneous perspiration, premature ejaculation, impotence, lower back and knee pain, dizziness, enuresis, spermatorrhea.
Ingredients: Rehmannia root, Asiatic cornelian cherry fruit, Cinnamon bark, Common yam rhizome, Eucommia bark, Dodder seed, Tangkwei root
Directions for Use: Take 6-8 pills 3 times a day after meal with warm water.
Contents: 100 pills. $5.00