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Logo oficial of Miami Acupuntura
Logo oficial of Miami Acupuntura


Honey-fried Licorice Decoction (zhi gan cao tang)

Chief: Zhi Gan Cao

Ren Shen, Da Zao, Sheng Di Huang, E Jiao, Mai Men Dong, Huo Ma Ren, Gui Zhi, Sheng Jiang

Pattern: Palpitation and intermittent pulse due to Qi and blood deficiency.

Indications: Palpitations with anxiety, irritability, insomnia, emaciation, shortness of breath, constipation, a dry mouth and throat, a pale, shiny tongue, and a pulse which is consistently irregular, slow-irregular, or pulse that is thin, faint, and forceless.This is the principal formula for irregular pulses.