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Productos Naturales empleados para tratar Litiasis vesicular, hepatitis.

​Vita-Livr Tea

The liver is restored to balance and healthy metabolic function with a tea specifically formulated to address liver dysfunction brought on by overwork, fatigue, lack of necessary rest and formative nutrition. Use as liver tonic for antitumor, antioxidant colonic health.
Ingredients: Rhinacanthus nasutus, verbenea officinalis, ludwigia octovalvis raven, acanthopanax senticosus, pteris multifida poiret, gynostemma pentaphyllum makino. Made by Universal Herb, TX, USA.
Directions for Use: Place teabag into 16 oz. of hot water. Brew about three minutes. Consume 1-2 bags per day.
Contents: 15 bags per box. 4.5 gm net weight.

Brand: Universal Herbs, USA. $14.50

Chien Chin Chih Tai Wan
"Thousand Pieces of Gold Stop Leukorrhea Pill." Combined detoxification and astringent for leukorrhea (vaginal discharge), trichomonas and vaginal infections with lower backache, fatigue, abdominal distension and pain.
Ingredients: Indigo powder, codonopsis root, oyster shell, saussurea root, angelica dang gui, corydalis rhizome, dipsacus root, atractylodes rhizome, fennel fruit. Great Wall Brand, Made by Tianjin Drug Factory, China.
Directions for Use: Take 10 pills, once a day.
Contents: 120 pills per bottle.

Brand: Great Wall Brand, China. $5.00

Heparex Extract or Xiao Chai Hu Tang Wan
Use to bolster immune system, to ward off colds, for liver-related and breast disorders. Has been proven effective in inhibiting bacteria, viruses and leptospira, making the body more resistant to certain pathogens thereby allaying fever and inflammation. May also promote digestion, prevent vomiting, expel phlegm, relieve cough, protect the liver, normalize gallbladder function and tranquilize the mind. Beneficial when modified as an herbal supplement for the common cold, malaria, infection of biliary tract, hepatitis, pleuritis, chronic gastritis, indigestion, mastosis, intercostal neuralgia, neurosis.
Directions for Use: Take 8 pills three times daily with warm water.
Ingredients: Bupleurum root, codonopsis root, jujube fruit, Chinese skullcap root, pinellia rhizome, chinese licorice root, fresh rhizome of ginger.
Contents: 200 pills, 160 mg each. Net wt. 1.13 oz, 32g.
Brand: Lanzhou, China. $4.00

Ji Gu Cao Wan

Treats acute and chronic hepatitis with jaundice. Clears heat and damp heat of the liver to nourish and invigorate liver blood.
Ingredients: Abrus leaf 40%, snake gall trio 15%, salvia root 15%, ox gallstone 10%, angelica dang gui 10%, lycium fruit 7%, margarita pearl 3%. Made by Yulin Pharmaceutical Factory, Guangxi, China.
Directions for Use: Take 4 pills, three times a day.
Contents: 50 pills per bottle. $5.00

Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan
For liver problems arising in heat signs, manifested as digestive dysfunction with symptoms that include abdominal bloating, fullness, hiccuping, poor appetite, menstrual and premenstrual disorders with cramping, irregular menustration, infertility, swollen breasts, depression, irritability; vertigo; headache; fatigue; blurred vision or red, painful eyes. Also beneficial for food allergies, chronic hayfever, hypoglycemia.
Ingredients: Bupleurum root, angelica dang gui, paeonia root, atractylodes rhizome, sclerotium, licorice root and rhizome, moutan root bark, gardenia fruit, mentha leaf, ginger rhizome. Made by Lanzhou Foguang Pharmaceutical, Lanzhou, China.
Directions for Use: Take 8 pills, three times a day.
Contents: 200 pills per bottle.Brand: Lanzhou, China. $6.00

Lidan Paishi TabletsRemoves damp heat to invigorate qi at the center. Benefits liver and gallbladder. Kills worms when needed. Use to disintegrate and remove gallstones, to reduce inflammation in both gallbladder and liver and to promote bile secretion. Also effective for ascariasis (or roundworm) in the bilary ducts.
Ingredients: Lysimachia leaf, rhubarb rhizome, saussurea root, areca husk, magnolia bark, aurantium fruit, curcuma root, capillaris leaf, mirabilite minera. Made by Qingdao Growful Pharmaceutical Co, Qingdao Shandong, China.
Directions for Use: For gallstones, take 6-10 twice a day. For inflammation, take 4-6 tablets twice a day for a 10-15 days as a course of treatment. Repeat after seven days as a second course.
Contents: 120 tablets.

Brand: Qingdao Medicine, China. $5.00

Lidan Tablets

Treats acute and chronic gallstone inflammation to dissolve and remove gallstones. Harmonizes liver, gallbladder and middle burner.
Ingredients: Scutellaria root, saussaurea root, lysimachia leaf, lonicera flower, capillaris leaf, bupleurum root, isatis leaf, rhubarb rhizome.
Directions for Use: Take 6 tablets, three times a day.
Contents: 120 tablets per bottle.

Brand: Qingdao Medicine, China. $5.50

Liver Care No 1 or Gan de Zhi
Treats Hepatitis, Types A & B. Restores liver function, dispelling heat, detoxifying and strengthening spleen and liver, reinvigorating blood circulation. Bolsters immune system while clearing stagnation, toxins, heat and damp afflicting liver and gallbladder, regulating bile.
Ingredients: Radix Salvia Militorrhiza (red sage root, salvia or dan shen), fructus schisandrae (wu wei zi), radix scutellariae (huang qin), radix glycyrrhizae (gan cao or licorice root), fructus mori (sang shen or mulberry fruit).
Directions for Use: Take 4 caps three times daily for two months as first course of treatment. Continue at least one more month after improvement to further strengthen liver.
Contents: 60 capsules. $9.50

Liver Cleanse

Care for the liver and care for the self. Liver Cleanse works to detox the liver, restoring healthy function and balancing the production of bile and other digestive enzymes.
Ingredients: Schisandra Fruit, Bupleurum root, Yin-chen wormwood, gardenia fruit, wild turmeric rhizome, mung bean seed. Made by M&A Pharmaceutical, Hong Kong.
Take 2 capsules, three times a day.
36 capsules, 450 mg. each.

Brand: M & A Brand, China. $12.50

Long Dan Xie Gan Pill
Based on classic prescription for purging heat from the liver and gallbladder with symptoms of headache, red burning eyes, ringing in ears, sore throat, fever blisters of the mouth, scanty urine, or constipation. Use also for leukorrhea, urinary tract infections, or itchy groin, oral and genital herpes as well as hyperthyroid due to liver/gallbladder fire.
Ingredients: Gentiana root, bupleurum root, gardenia fruit, plantago seed, alisma rhizome, angelica dang gui, scutellaria root, clematis root, rehmannia root, licorice root.
Directions for Use: Take 6 pills, twice daily.
Contents: 100 pills. $5.00

Long Dan Xie Gan Wan or Gentanae Tea Pill
Purges heat from liver and gallbladder with symptoms of headache, red burning eyes, ringing in ears, sore throat, fever blisters of the mouth, scanty urine, or constipation. Use also for leukorrhea, urinary tract infections, or itchy groin, oral and genital herpes as well as hyperthyroid due to liver, gallbladder fire.
Ingredients: Gentiana scabra root and rhizome 160 mg, bupleurum root 160 mg, Asian water plantain rhizome 160 mg, rehmannia root 160 mg, chinese skullcap root 80 mg, dong quai root 80 mg, plantain seed 80 mg, dried tangerine rind 80 mg, gardenia fruit 80 mg. Three Peaches Brand.
Directions for Use: Take 8 pills twice daily.
Contents: 200 pills.

Brand: Lanzhou, China. $4.00

Addresses frequent urination in small amounts. Resolves painful urination. Clears urinary tract stones or kidney stones, urinary tract infection and/or inflammation, various kidney infections (nephritis, pyelonephritis), ascites (excess liquid accumulation in the peritoneal cavity), gallstones, hepatitis, jaundice, cirrhosis of the liver with accumulated liquid (dropsy or edema). For use with or without blood in the urine.
Ingredients: Herba Desmodi. Made by Olive Shantou Pharm, China.
Directions for Use: Take 6 tablets twice daily. Increase to max of 10 tablets daily as needed, proportionate to body weight.
Contents: 100 tablets per bottle.

Brand: Chu Kiang Brand, China. $5.50

Specific Passwan or Te Xiao Pai Shi Wan
Resolves damp heat in kidneys and bladder, countering crystallization, cooling heat in small intestine. Will stop bleeding, pain to benefit of kidneys, spleen, bladder and intestines. Use to relieve acute and chronic urinary calculi in kidney, bladder, ureters.
Ingredients per 8 pills equivalent to 1 serving (2400 mg): Christina Loosestrife Herb Japanese Climbing Fern Spore Chicken Gizzard Endothelium Japanese Felt Fern Frond Hirsute Shiny Bugleweed Herb Medicinal Cyathula Root Cluster Mallow Seed Asiatic Plantain Herb. Made by Guang Dong Yi Kang Pharmaceutical CO., LTD.
Directions for Use: Take 6-8 pills, three times daily.
Contents: 100 pills, 300 mg per pill.

Brand: Guang Dong Ki Yang Pharm, China. $5.50

Superior Fu Fang Jin Qian Chao
Breaks down stones and eliminates toxins from the urinary tract dispelling pain during urination, prostatitis, testicular pain with blood in the urine, kidney infection, kidney stones, renal stones, gallstones, urethral calculus, urethritis, cystitis, urinary tract infection and inflammation of urethral organs. Promotes diuresis to alleviate pain.
Ingredients: Desmodium herb 462.5 mg, cornsilk 312.5 mg, chinese prayer beads 175.5 mg, pyrrosia herb 150 mg, smilax rhizome 150 mg. Kwei Feng Brand by Guangxi Wuzhou Sanhe Pharmacy, China.
Directions for Use: Take 5 pills three times a day on a blander than usual diet. (Avoidance of bitter, sour, spicy foods will help sustain well being.)
Contents: 100 pills per bottle.

Brand: Guangxi Wuzhou Sanhe, China. $5.00

Yu Dai Wan
The Heal Leukorrhea Pill. Classical formula to clear damp heat in uterus and kidneys to tonify blood and yin, astringe damp discharge. Use for damp heat vaginal discharge with dark and odorous leukorrhea and pre-existing deficiency of blood. Use also for accompanying lower back pain, fatigue, abdominal distension and pain.
Ingredients: Ailanthus Bark 46.9%, Paeonia Root 15.6%, Rehmannia Root 12.5%, Angelica Dang Gui 9.4%, Phellodendron Bark 6.2%, Alpinia Rhizome 6.2%, Ligusticum Rhizome 3.1%. Made by Lanzhou Foci, China.
Directions for Use: Take 8 pills three times daily.
Contents: 200 pills.Brand: Lanzhou, China. $6.00