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​La Medicina Alternativa y Natural de Miami

Miami Acupuntura #1

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Logo oficial of Miami Acupuntura
Logo oficial of Miami Acupuntura


Antelope Horn and Uncaria Decoction (ling jiao gou teng tang)

Chief: Ling Yang Jiao, Gou Teng

Deputy: Sang Ye, Ju Hua

Assistant: Bai Shao, Sheng Di Huang, Chuan Bei Mu, Zhu Ru, Fu Shen

Envoy: Gan Cao       

Pattern: Liver Excess Heat stirring Wind

Indications: Persistent high fever, irritability, restlessness, dizziness, vertigo, twitching and spasms of the extremities, a deep-red, dry or burnt tongue with prickles, and a wiry rapid pulse. In severe cases there may also be impaired or actual loss of consciousness.