* Major Order the Qi Decoction (da cheng Qi tang)

Chief: Da Huang

Deputy: Mang Xiao

Assistant: Zhi Shi, Hou Po

Pattern: Yangming Organ-stage Disorder

Indications: Severe constipation and flatulence, focal distention and abdominal fullness, abdominal pain which increases upon pressure, a tense and firm abdomen, a dry, yellow or dry, black tongue coating with prickles, and a submerged, excessive pulse. In severe cases, there may be tidal fevers, delirious speech, and profuse sweating from the palms and soles. 

Cautions and contraindications: This is a very strong formula which may cause vomiting or severe diarrhea. For weak patients, it should be used only when absolutely necessary, and then with the addition of tonic herbs.

Contraindicated during pregnancy. 

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