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Productos naturales para el tratamiento del Catarro común, gripe y tos

3 Days Cold Capsules
Treats wind invasion, cold and flu. Use as preventative during the first three days of symptoms.


999 Cold Remedy Granular
Treats common symptoms associated with the common cold, hay fever, other upper respiratory allergies with minor aches and pain, nose, headache, itchy nose/throat, sneezing, watery eyes, sore throat, and/or fever. 
Directions for Use: Take 1 bag three times daily. 
Ingredients: Paracetamol, chlorpheniramine, caffein, thin evodia leaf & twig, railway beggar-ticks grass, wild chrysanthemum, rough haired holly root.
Contents: 10 g x 9 bags.

Brand: 999 Brand, Sanjiu Pharm, China. $7.00

Blue Dragon Extract or Xiao Qing Long Tang Wan
Releases the exterior and disperses pathogenic cold, warms the lung and dispels harmful fluid. Use for retention of harmful fluid with external cold with fever, chills, no sweating but cough, asthma, chest distress, expectoration of profuse diluted sputum; or difficulty in lying flat due to severe asthma and cough, or heaviness of the body, edema and puffiness, a tongue with white slippery coating, superficial pulse.
Ingredients: Pinellia (rhizome), Chinese peony (root), Cassia (bark), Schisandra (fruit), Ginger (dried rhizome), Chinese licorice (root). Made by Lanzhou, China.
Directions: Take 8 pills each time, 3 times daily. 
Contents: 200 pills.

Brand: Lanzhou, China. $4.00

Broncklin Extract or Jie Geng Wan
Decoction of Platycodon Root dispels phlegm, soothing throat to relieve cough with excess phlegm, lung abscess with purulent expectoration, painful swelling of the throat with hoarse voice. Directs other herbs upward to end coughing.
Ingredients: Platycodon root, Licorice root
Directions: Take 8 pills 3 times daily.
Contents: 200 pills.

Brand: Lanzhou, China. $4.00

Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao San
Classical prescription for dispersing external wind-cold symptoms with pain. Use for colds characterized by sudden headache, nasal congestion, sinusitis, rhinitis and wind-vertigo. Take with strong green tea for soothing relief.
Ingredients: Mentha herb, ligusticum rhizome, schizonepeta herb, angelica root, notopterygium rhizome, licorice root, siler root, asarum plant. Made by Lanzhou Pharmaceutical, China.
Directions for Use: Take 8 pills, 3-5 times a day until symptoms subside.
Contents: 200 pills.

Brand: Lanzhou, China. $6.00

Cough Be Gone
Relieves cough due to throat and bronchial irritation from exogenous cold and wind or inhaled irritants. Loosens phlegm (mucus) and thin bronchial secretions to drain bronchial tubes.
Do not exceed 6 doses in a 24-hour period.
Adults and children 12 years of age and over : 1 bottle every 4 hours.
Children 6 to 12 years of age : half bottle every 4 hours
Children under 6 years of age : Consult a doctor before using
Ingredients: Each 10 ml. bottle (equivalent to 2 teaspoonfuls) contains Guafenesin 200mg and Diphenhydramine Citrate 20mg,Inactively: Almond oil, Citrus peel, Ginger, Honey, Loquat leaf extract, Licorice, Menthol, Purified water
Warning: Do not use if you are now taking a prescription monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) (certain drugs for depression, psychiatric, or emotional conditions, or Parkinson's disease), or for 2 weeks after stopping the MAOI drug. If you do not know if your prescription drug contains an MAOI, ask a doctor or pharmacist before taking this product.
Contents: 10ml (0.34oz.) X 6 bottles per box. $8.00

​Expellin Extract or Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao Wan
The Ligusticum w/ Green Tea Mix Pill is a classically Song Dynasty based formula developed to defeat the winter blues while dispersing wind cold pain and headache associated with external wind-cold invasion with or without accompanying nasal congestion, sinusitis, rhinitis, wind vertigo.
Ingredients: Chinese Mint 380mg, Schizonepeta 170 mg, Ligusticum wallichii 170 mg, Chinese licorice root 140mg, Notopterygium root & rhizome 140 mg, Siler root 140mg. Made by Lanzhou, China.
Directions for Use: Take 8 pills, three times daily. Hot green tea may be utilized to maximize and speed up recovery.
Contents: 200 pills, 1.13 oz, 32 gm.

Brand: Lanzhou, China. $4.00

Ganmaoling Capsules
Fights cold and flu with symptoms ranging from headache, fever, congestion with nasal blockage, runny nose and sore throat.
Ingredients: Evodia tepta 2.5 g, llex asprella 1.6 g, bidens biternata 1.2 g, chrysanthemum indicum 3.7 g, paracetamol .1 g, chlorpheniramine maleate 2 mg, caffeine 2 mg. Made for 999 Brand by Sanjiu Medical & Pharmaceutical Co, China.
Directions for Use: Take 2 capsules 3 times a day.
Contents: 12 capsules per box.

Brand: 999 Brand, Sanjiu Pharm, China. $5.00

Huang Lien Shang Ching Pien
Use for severe external wind invasion with high fever, headache, sore throat, ear infection, skin wind-heat with redness and itching, including hives. May also be used for internal heat resulting in swollen gums, toothache, nosebleed, insomnia, red eye or damp-heat with constipation, diarrhea, or concentrated scant urination.
Ingredients:  Rhubarb rhizome, vitex fruit, chrysanthemum flower, coptis rhizome, schizonepeta herb, angelica root, platycodon root, scutellaria root, siler root, gypsum mineral, ligusticum rhizome, licorice root. Made by Great Wall Brand, Tianjin, China
Directions for Use: Take 4 tablets once per day.
Contents: 96 tablets per bottle as (12) 8 tablet vials.

Brand: Great Wall Brand, China. $10.00

Isatis Root Extract or Ban Lan Gen
Isatis root works to reduce fever, heat to cool the throat and blood, reducing the effect of microbes and virulent virus already in place. Antibiotic, antiviral and antiseptic, the herb is useful in treating symptoms from leukemia, viral illness, scarlet fever, hepatitis, meningitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, mumps.
Ingredients per serving of 3 capsules equivalent to 1500 mg: Isatis root 1000mg, Isatis leaf 500mg. 
Directions for Use: Take 1-2 capsules three times daily, reducing proportionately to age for children.
Contents: 60 capsules. Take 3 caps 3 times daily.
Isatis root and leaf are bitter to taste, and cold in action. They reduce fever and heat, cool down the throat and blood, and reduce actions of microbes and virulent virus. Isatis is employed as an antibiotic, anti-viral, and antiseptic. Asian doctors exercise it whenever there are signs of feverishness or heat toxins caused by blood poisoning, leukemia, viral illness, scarlet fever, hepatitis, meningitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, mumps, and other complaints. Isatis leaves go to the upper part of the body more than root, so the lwaves are practiced for upper respiratory infections in concert with the rhizome. This herbaceous plant is very powerful, and should not be used for continuing time periods, or in patients with severe weakness. Prolonged use may cut beneficial intestinal bacteria. Only exercise under the guidance of a skilled specialist.
Brand: KGS, China. $6.00

Pespinex Formula or Zhi Sou Ding Chuan
Calms cough, sedating lung heat, resolving phlegm heat, dispelling wind to facilitate breathing. Benefits acute or chronic cough with excess expectoration, excess phlegm congestion, labored rapid breathing with or without vomiting and nausea.
Ingredients: Bitter apricot (seed), Gypsum (ore), Radish (seed)
Directions: Take 10 pills twice daily.
Contents: 150 pills.

Brand: Golden Lily, Tianjin Med, China. $4.25

Sooth & Comfort I or Gu Ben Zhi Ke Gao Cough Syrup
Supplements the lung function while warming kidneys for relief of cold condition coughs. Dispels white phlegm related to chronic bronchitis, chronic asthma. Particularly beneficial for phlegm syndrome caused by chronic cold damp. Expectorant.
Ingredients per serving/ 2 teapoons or 12 gms per serving/ 12 servings per bottle: Astragalus root 1000mg,  Schisandra fruit 1000mg, White mulberry root bark extract 800 mg, Coltsfoot flower bud extract 800 mg, Epimedium leaf 800 mg.
Directions for Use: Take 2 teaspoonfuls three times daily.
Contents: 5 fl oz. .83 lbs.
Brand: Wuzhou RFX Co, China. $7.50

Strong Bi Yan Wan
Dispels wind-cold or wind-heat, reducing heat, particularly for invasion to the upper burner and face with disturbance to the respiratory tract. Symptoms include sneezing, itchy eyes, facial congestion, sinus pain. Use for chronic rhinitis, chronic sinuitis paranasalis, rhinorrhea and rhinostegnosis.
Directions for Use: Take 1-2 capsules, twice daily.
Ingredients: Flos Magnoliae Liliflorae 5%, Flos Lonicerae 10%, Herba Pogostemi 20%, Radix Platycodi 20%, Radix Gentanae 8%, Flos Chrysanthemi 10%, Fructus Xanthii 20%, Herba Centipedae 5%, Herba Menthae 2%.
Contents: 12 capsules per package.

Brand: KPIC, China. $4.50

Tam Hoa Formula for Dispelling the Root of Wind, Flu & Cold
Treats wind disorders manifested as chronic symptoms associated with the common cold, influenza with recurrent sinus infection, skin eruption, sore throat, cough, eye disorders, general fatigue.
Ingredients: Blend of proprietary herbs equivalent to 80 - 100 gms dosage per day.
Contents: 10 herb packets suitable for 10 day course of treatment.
Directions for Use: Boil one packet of herbs per day in 8 quarts of water until reduced to 2 cups. Drink one cup 2x daily as warm tea. $150.00

The Nine Immortal Extract, Jiu Wei Qiang Huo Wan
Dispels damp to clear internal heat due to wind invasion, cold/damp conditions with fever, chills, inability to sweat, headache, rigid neck, aching limbs, bitter taste, white/yellow coated tongue. A traditional formula for cold, arthritis, migraine, lumbago.
Ingredients: Notopterygium {Qiang Huo} (root & rhizome), Siler {Fang Feng}(root), Cang-zhu atractylodes {Cang Zhu} (rhizome), Ligusticum wallichii {Chuan Xiong} (rhizome), Fragrant angelica {Bai Zhi}(root), Chinese skullcap {Huang Qin} (root), Chinese licorice {Gan Cao} (root), Rehmannia {Shu Di} (cured root tuber). GMP certified by Lanzhou, China.
Directions for Use: Take 8 pills each time, 3 times daily.
Contents: 200 pills, 1.13 oz.
Brand: Lanzhou, China. $4.00

Wong Lop Kong Medicated Oil
Safflower, peppermint, frankincense and myrrh round off traditional healing agents, angelica, danshen, chuanxiong, dragon's blood resin and camphor in this traditional oil. Use for bruises, blood clots, sores, aches and pains from a variety of arthritic, rheumatic conditions or from injury.
Ingredients: Camphor oil, angelica dang gui, dragon blood resin, frankincense gum resin, salvia root, carthamus flower, ligusticum rhizome, tea oil. Made in China.
Directions for Use: Apply droplets to afflicted areas as needed.
Contents: 1 fl oz (30ml) glass bottle.

Brand: Wong Lop Kong, China. $8.00

Xiao Chai Hu Tang Wan
Expels lingering external pathogen (e.g. cold & flu not yet completely released) to reduce fever, enhance digestive function, strengthen immunity. Use for liver and gallbladder disharmony, conditions symptomized by alternate attacks of chills and fever, chest and upper adominal distension, fatigue, irritability, loss of appetite, nausea, and dizziness.
Ingredients: Bupleurum root, baikal skullcap root, codonopsis root, prepared pinellia rhizome, Chinese licorice root and rhizome, ginger rhizome, jujube fruit.
Directions for Use: Take 8 pills, three times daily.
Contents: 200 pills.

Brand: Lanzhou, China. $6.00

Yinchiao Chieh Tu Pien
Relieves common cold or flu symptoms including fever, sore throat, muscle ache and dry cough. Useful when taken immediately after experiencing flu symptoms, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, aching body, fever with chills, headache, sore shoulders, stiff neck. Will promote sweating to expel toxic and wind heat. May also be used for skin itching due to wind-heat and allergic skin reactions or hives.
Ingredients: Lonicera flower, forsythia fruit, arctium fruit, platycodon root, mentha herb, soja seed, licorice root, lophatherum leaf, schizonepeta herb. Made by Great Wall Brand, Tianjin, China.
Directions for Use: Take 5-6 pills every 2-3 hours for the first 9 hours, then every 4-5 hours as needed.
Contents: 96 tablets per box in 12 vials containing 8 tablets each.

Brand: Great Wall Brand, China. $8.00

Yinchiao Tablet
The sweet original! Excellent when taken immediately or upon the first or second day of wind-heat flu symptoms that include swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, body ache, fever with chills, headache, sore shoulders, stiff neck. Promotes sweating. Prevents onset of graver condition. May also be used for skin irritation and hives.
Ingredients: Lonicera flower, forsythia fruit, mentha herb, licorice root, arctium fruit, schizonepeta herb, soja seed, lophatherum leaf, platycodon, talc, sucrose, corn starch, yellow 5, yellow 6, dextrin, magnesium stearate. Made by Great Wall Brand, Tianjin, Chin
Directions for Use: Take 5-6 tablets every 2-3 hours for the first nine hours, then every 4-5 hours as needed. Discontinue after third day. Amounts may be reduced proportionately for children.
Contents: 120 pills per bottle.

Brand: Great Wall Brand, China. $8.00