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Productos naturales para el tratamiento de Artritis, Reumatismo, Dolor Articular, Ciática.

Angelica Combo Tea Extract or Du Huo Ji Sheng Wan
Dispels wind cold and damp while tonifying liver and kidney qi and blood. Use for arthritic symptoms including aching joints, limbs, knees, lower back pain.
Ingredients: Pubescent angelica root 150 mg, loranthus twig and leaf 90 mg, achyranthes root 90 mg, gentiana macrophylla pall root 90 mg, poria sclerotium 90 mg, cassia bark 90 mg, siler root 90 mg, ligusticum wallichi rhizome 90 mg, asian ginseng root 90 mg, dong quai root 90 mg, chinese peony root 90 mg, rehmannia cured root tuber 90 mg.
Directions for Use: Take 8 pills twice daily.
Contents: 200 pills. $4.00


Strengthen muscles, bones and tendons while improving circulation with a complex blend of radix salviae miltiorrhizae, dispaci, rehmanniae, epimedii, psoraleae in combination with other bolstering herbs.
Ingredients: Radix salviae miltiorrhizae 160 mg, radix dipsaci 160 mg, radix rehmanniae preparata 160 mg, herba epimedii 160 mg, fructus psoraleae, 140 mg flos carthami 140 mg radix angelicae pubescentis 120 mg herba taxilli 120 mg olibanum 120 mg rhizoma drynariae 120 mg caulis spatholobi 100 mg myrrha 100mg. Made by M & A Pharmaceuticals, Hong Kong.
Directions for Use: Take 3-4 pills twice daily.
Contents: 60 pills per 24g bottle. $12.50

Chuan Bi Tang, Decoction of
Chianghuo & Turmeric Formula or Relieve Bi Syndrome Decoction for relief of painful arthralgia of upper limbs with wind-cold-damp obstruction, blood stagnation in the channels. Useful for arthritis, bursitis of shoulder or hip, difficulty moving joints and limbs, rheumatism (particularly of upper limbs), spasms, wind-damp bi syndrome.
Ingredients: Astragalus (huang qi), notopterygium (qiang huo), curcuma (jiang huang), angelica (dang gui), paeonia (chi shao), siler (fang feng), zingiberis (sheng jiang), jujube (da zao), glycerrhiza (gan cao).
Contents: One herb packet. $14.00

Circulyn Extract or Xiao Huo Luo Dan
Invigorates and clears the channels, activating qi and blood, benefiting kidney yang while dispersing cold. Relieves rheumatic pain, numbness or difficulty in moving joints, chronic lower back pain.
Ingredients: Turmeric (rhizome), Frankincense (resin), Myrrh (resin).
Directions for Use: Take 6 pills each time, 2 times daily.
Contents: 200 pills, 160 mg each. $4.00

E Mei Shan or Jako Kokotsu
With wu zhu yu fruit extract! Use for fast deep penetrating relief of most muscular and joint aches and pains.
Directions for Use: Apply to well cleaned afflicted area.
Ingredients: Menthol, camphor, methyl salicylate, wu zhu yu fruit extract. Made by E Mei Shan, China.
Contents: Five plasters per pack, each 3.8”w X 2.75”h. $3.50

Feng Shi Zhui Feng Tou Gu Wan
Clears wind damp and wind damp heat to invigorate blood circulation, kidney, liver, tendons and bones. Use for lumbago pain in the lower back, chronic sciatica, joint pain (of extremities, in fingers, shoulders, knees, hips) associated with rheumatoid arthiritis.
Ingredients: Vicina Roger Powder 255mg, Impatiens Balsamina L. 25mg, Radix Angelicae Pubescentis 40mg, Herba Taxilli 25mg, Radix Codonopsis 25mg, Poria 25mg, Cortex Eucommiae 25mg, Radix Angelicae Sinensis 10mg, Radix Rehmaniae 25mg, Cortex Cinnamomi 10mg, Radix Glycyrrizae 10mg, Rhizoma Zingiberis Recens 25mg.
Directions for Use: Take 3 pills twice daily with warm water after eating.
Contents: 60 pills. $13.50

Five Photos Brand Tien Ta Wan
Dispels stagnant blood to alleviate bruising from trauma, injury. Formulated to promote circulation, reducing healing time. Benefits bones, joints, tendons, muscles, circulatory and nervous system. A trusted brand. May be used in conjunction with Five Photos Oil.
Ingredients: Ginseng root, honey, dang gui root, pu huang, hong hua, dragon's blood resin, peony root & bark (chi shao), myrrh gum resin (mo yao), frankincense (ru xiang) gum resin. Made by Lung Choy Shung Medicine Factory, Hong Kong.
Directions for Use: Take one drop daily by breaking wax bulb and dividing into ten small gummy pills to be swallowed with warm water.
Contents: .67 oz. (19 g) gummy ball encased in plastic bulb. $8.00

Guan Jie Yan Wan, Decoction of
Treats rheumatoid arthritis, clearing wind-damp-heat in the channels, targeting inflammation in the joints. Applicable to hot, painful joints, arthritic pain, sciatic inflammation. Not for use while pregnant.
Ingredients: Erythrina (hai tong pi), phellodendron (huang bai), atractylodes (cang zhu), coix (yi yi ren), stephania (hai fang ji), achyranthes (niu xi), gentiana (qin jiao), cinnamomum (rou gui), zingiberis (sheng jiang), angelica (da huo), ephedra (ma huang).
Contents: One herb packet. $12.00

Jian Bu Zhuang Gu Wan
Relieves wind damp, eliminating blood stasis, tonifying qi. Relieves pain from arthritis and rheumatism, to strengthen bones and tendons. Beneficial also for pains and aches associated with sciatica, lumbago.
Ingredients: Phellodendron Bark (huang bo), Anemarrhena Rhizome (zhi mu), Prepared Rehmannia Root (shu di huang), Dong-Quai Root (dang gui), White Peony Root without Bark (bai shao), Achyranthes Root (nui xi), Fresh-Water Turtle Shell (gui ban), Mature Tangerine Peel (chen pi), Ginger Rhizome (gan jiang), Cynomorium Fleshy Stem (suo yang)
Directions for Use: Take 8 pills three times daily.
Contents: 200 pills $6.00

Kai Yeung Pill
Dispels wind damp and toxins, tonifying and circulating blood and qi to sedate heat and relief skin's surface. Use for variety of skin irritation, specifically eczemas, dermatitis, fungal infections, skin itching due to allergic and drug reactions.
Ingredients: Astragalus root, ligusticum rhizome, angelica root, agkistrodon pit viper, angelica dang gui, ginseng root, atractylodes rhizome, xanthium fruit, siler root, rehmannia root, black-striped snake, cnidium fruit. Made by Hanyang Pharmaceutical Works, Hubei.
Directions for Use:  Take 3 pills three times a day.
Contents: 60 pills per bottle. $6.00

Ossifex Extract or Jian Bu Hu Qian Wan
Use for kidney weakness aggravated by wind and damp causing problems in the lower back, legs, or gait. Useful for chronic arthritis, lumbago and sciatica. Apply for cases of gout, arthrodynia, myasthenia, limb numbness with pains induced by fever, rheumatism with low energy and muscle weakness.
Ingredients: Achyranthes root 200 mg, dong quai root 200 mg, anemarrhena rhizome 200 mg, phellodendron stem bark 200 mg, rehmannia root 200 mg, cynomorium stem 200 mg, tangerine dried rind 100 mg.
Directions for Use: Take 10 pills three times daily.
Contents: 200 pills. $4.00

Qu Feng Shu Jin Wan
Reduces numbness caused by gout, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis. Reduces pain and rigidity. Energizes nervous system, dissolving cold, removing wind and damp.
Ingredients: Radix Saphoshnikoviae 25mg, Ramulus Cinnamomi 25mg, Rhizoma Gastrodiae 25 mg, Radix Clematidis 25mg, Flos Carthami 25mg, Rhizoma Cibotii 25mg, Rhizoma Atractylodis 25mg, Poria 25mg, Fructus Chaenomelis 20mg, Radix Gentianae Macrophyllae 20mg, Rhizoma Drynariae 20mg, Radix Achyranthis Bidentatae 20mg, Radix Dipsaci 20mg, Caulis Piperis Kadsurae 20mg, Caulis Sinomenii 20mg, Dioscorea nipponica Mak. 20mg, Herba Gernaii 20mg, Solanum melongena L. 20mg.
Directions for Use: Take 3 pills twice daily after eating.
Contents: 72 pills. 

​Sci-tica Herbal Pills, Zuo Gu Shen Jing Tong Wan
Relieves sciatic pain affecting the lower extremities with numbness, tingling and pain shooting down the legs. May also benefit acute or chronic lower back pain, knee pain and rheumatoid arthritis affecting the legs. Use for numbness and pain associated with arthritis, sciatica, aching lumbar and knees. Circulates blood to expel wind and damp. Supports health of muscles, bones, fascia (connective tissue surrounding the muscles, bones and joints), as well as the circulatory system. 
Ingredients:  Dried extract of the following blend of herbs 1.92g. astragalus root (huang qi), job's tears seed (yi yi ren), achyranthes root (nui xi), white peony root without bark (bai shao), dong-quai root (dang gui), chinese peony root with bark (chi shao), sichuan lovage root (chuan xiong), red-rooted sage root (dan shen) and safflower flower (hong hua). Made by Golden Lily Brand.
Directions for Use: Take 8 pills three times daily for 15 - 30 days.
Contents: 30 capsules. $8.00

Brand: Golden Lily, Tianjin Med, China

​Shanghai Shang Shi Zhi Tong Gao Medicated Plaster
For temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints due to simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains.
Active Ingredients: Camphor 10%, Menthol 10.28%, Methyl Salicylate 15.43%. Inactive Ingredients: Cinnamon, clove extract, drynaria root and stem, fang feng root, fragrant angelica root, frankincense resin, geranium (geranium wilfordii Maxim) stem, leaf and fruit, glycerol ester of rosin gum, gotu kola herb, greater galangal root and stem, kaolin, lanolin, lithopone(mixture of barium sulfate, zinc sulfide, and trace zinc oxide), mineral oil, myrrh, oriental sweet gum, (Liquidambar orientalis Mill.), resin, paraffin, perpioca sepium (Perpioca speium bunge) bark, petrolatum schizonepeta stem and leaf, on a rubberized fabric backing covered with a protective paper sheet.
Contents: 6 poultices. 2.75" x 3.94" each. $4.00

​Shanghai Xiang Gui Huo Xue Gao Medicated Plaster
Targets upper extremity ache, particularly shoulders, necks, arms. Relieves aches and pains of muscles and joints due to simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains.
Directions for Use: Apply poultice to the affected area not more than 3 to 4 times daily.
Active Ingredients Camphor 3.54%, Menthol 7.64%, Methyl Salicylate 10%.
Inactive Ingredients Chinese Nardostachys Root and Stem, Chinese Rubarb Root and Stem, Cinnamon Oil, Costus Root, Curcuma Wenyujin Root and Stem, Dimethyl Sulfoxide, Erycibe Stem, Fragrant Angelica Root, Ginger, Gleditsia Fruit, Glycerol Ester Of Rosin Gum, Greater Galangal Root and Stem, Kaolin, Lanolin, Lithopone, Mineral Oil, Oriental Sweet Gum Resin, Paniculate Swallowwort Root and Stem, Periploca Sepium Bark, Petrolatum, Pubescent Angelica Root, Sandalwood, and Sichuan Lovage Root and Stem, On A Rubberized Fabric Backing Covered With Protective Paper.
Chinese name 上海香桂活血膏 (6片) (新配方)
Contents: 6 patches, each 2.75" x 3.94" .  $5.50

​Shu Jing Huo Xue Tang, Decoction of
Clematis & Stephania Formula disperses channels to invigorate blood for relief of pain in lower limbs and joints. Clears stagnant wind-cold-damp and stagnant qi and blood in the channels. Use for swollen tongue with superficial, choppy pulse and symptoms related to arthralgia, arthritis, bi syndrome (wind-cold-damp), difficulty moving, edema in the limbs, lower back pain, rheumatism, sciatica.
Ingredients: Paeonia (chi shao), rehmannia (shu di), persica (tao ren), angelica (dang gui), ligusticum (chuan xiong), atractylodes (cang zhu), poria (fu ling), clematis (wei ling xian), stephania (fang ji), notopterygium (qiang huo), citrus (chen pi), siler (fang feng), gentiana (long dan cao), achyranthes (huai niu xi), angelica (bai zhi), zingiberis (sheng jiang), glycerrhiza (gan cao).
Contents: One herb packet.$16.00

Snow Lotus Flower Formula
By any other name, namely, saussurea, still as beneficial. The flowers and stems have long been useful for treating rheumatoid arthritis, cough and cold, stomachache, altitude sickness, general fatigue and debility. Inherently anti inflammatory.
Ingredients: Snow lotus flower, Herba Andrographitis, Flow Lonicerae, Radix Lsatidis, Radix Scrophilariae, Honeysuckle Flower.
Directions for Use: Take 2 capsules three times daily.
Contents: 36 caps.$5.00

Specific Lumbaglin, Te Xiao Yao Tong Ling
Strengthens the waist and kidneys, tonifying jing, invigorating blood and removing blood stagnation. Relieves inflammation, pain and ache, particularly in the lower back. Dispels wind and damp, relaxing tendons. Effective for relieving strained muscles and sciatic inflammations.
Ingredients: Eucommia bark, morinda root, ligusticum rhizome, carthamus flower, achyranthes root, gentiana qin jiao, polygonum shou wu, angelica root, loranthus twig, angelica dang gui, clematis root, polypodium rhizome. Made by Guangzhou Pharmaceutical, China.
Directions for Use: Take 1-2 capsules, three times a day.
Contents: 24 capsules per box.

Brand: Guangzhou Zhongyi Pharm, China. $6.00

Specific Lumbar Tablets or Yao Tong Pian

Psoralea & Teasel Combo Tonifies kidney yang and qi, nourishing liver blood, strengthening tendon and bone while circulating qi and blood to alleviate pain. Use for lumbago, lower back pain and sciatic conditions associated with deficient kidney yang. Nourishes liver blood while strengthening tendons and bones. Opens up circulatory systems to alleviate pain.
Ingredients per 6 tablets: Dong Quai root 685 mg, Psoralea fruit 245 mg, Sichuan Teasel Root 245 mg, Rhizoma Alismatis 265 mg, Bai-zhu Atractylodes Rhizome 295 mg, Achyranthes Root 245 mg. Trademark brand, Hu Qing Yu Tang Co. Ltd, China.
Directions for Use: Take 6 tablets three times a day when cold or fever are not present.
Contents: 100 tablets (330 mg each) per bottle.

Brand: Tiger Balm, China. $5.50

The Nine Immortal Extract, Jiu Wei Qiang Huo Wan
Dispels damp to clear internal heat due to wind invasion, cold/damp conditions with fever, chills, inability to sweat, headache, rigid neck, aching limbs, bitter taste, white/yellow coated tongue. A traditional formula for cold, arthritis, migraine, lumbago.
Ingredients: Notopterygium {Qiang Huo} (root & rhizome), Siler {Fang Feng}(root), Cang-zhu atractylodes {Cang Zhu} (rhizome), Ligusticum wallichii {Chuan Xiong} (rhizome), Fragrant angelica {Bai Zhi}(root), Chinese skullcap {Huang Qin} (root), Chinese licorice {Gan Cao} (root), Rehmannia {Shu Di} (cured root tuber). GMP certified by Lanzhou, China.
Directions for Use: Take 8 pills each time, 3 times daily.
Contents: 200 pills, 1.13 oz.
Brand: Lanzhou, China. $4.00

Tianhe Dacon Relief Plaster, White
Plaster medicated with angelica root, ginger rhizome and frankincense work to soothe away some of life's less detrimental bumps and aches. Use to dispel wind and expel cold, invigorate blood and activate the channels, eliminating swelling and relieving pain. Apply to areas afflicted with local joint pain, swelling, numbness or are limited in movement due to cold and damp, blood stasis, blocked channels.
Ingredients: Capsicum 3%, camphor 3%, erycibe obtusifolia benth, chinese angelica root, dried ginger rhizome, dahurian angelica root, frankincense, notoginseng root, yellow turmeric rhizome, cassia root, stephania sinica diels, zinc oxide, abietic, lanolin, vaseline. Made in China.
Contents: 10 plasters per box 3"X 41/2" - one patch effective for about 12 hours.

Brand: Guilin Tianhe, China. $4.50

Tiger Balm, White
Fast acting remedy for everything from headache to stuffy nose, insect itch, flatulence. Containing a higher concentration of mint oil than the red formulation, white counts on camphor, menthol, mint, cinnamon, cajuput, clove and menthol to help relieve muscular aches and pains, to soothe tired muscles and increase blood circulation in arthritis conditions. Particularly effective for warming up muscles before exercising and as source of relief for soreness after working out.
Ingredients: Menthol 10%, camphor 25%, cajuput oil 7%, cassia oil 5%, clove oil 5%, dementholised mint oil 6%.
Directions for Use: Apply to afflicted area 3 times daily, rubbing on to promote warmth.
Contents: .68 oz (19.4 g) pot.Brand: Tiger Balm, China. $5.00

​Tokuhon A Medicated Plaster
Japanese plaster expels wind damp pains associated with arthritis, rheumatism.
Active Ingredients: Camphor, Menthol, Methyl Salicylate.
Contents: 10 patches.Brand: Tokuhon, Japan. $7.00

Touku Rheumatic Pills

Eliminates damp to clear stagnant blood, promote healthy flow in rheumatic and arthritic conditions with symptoms including weak and sore muscles, joints and lower back exacerbated by wet stormy weather, trauma, injury or old age. Suitable for long term use and to invigorate qi, revitalize and nourish blood.
Ingredients: Korean Red Ginseng .05%, Eucommiae Bark .60%, Pseudo Ginseng .80%, Olibanum .85%, Common Myrrh Tree .85%, Starjasmine Stem .50%, Radix Astragali .50%, Rhizoma Gastrodiae .10%, Radix Morindae .50%, Clematis Root .30%, Rhizoma Ligustici .40%, Angelica Root .20%, Rodix Dipsaci .50%, Codnopsis Senensis .85%, Rhizoma Atractylodis Alba .30%, Radix Heraclei .70%, Fructus Chaenomelis .25%, Fructus Liquidambaris .40%, Uncaria Sinensis .40%, Bee Honey .50%.
Directions for Use: Take 8 pills with warm water twice daily.
Contents: 80 pills per bottle. $12.50

UBB Gout Be Gon
Relieves swelling, inflammation and burning joint pain.Manage gout arthritis pain and uric acid buildup symptoms with a balanced diet rich in grains, nuts, low fat dairy and fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding high purine and fructose content.
Ingredients: Vitamin C, potassium, Devil's claw extract, cherry extract, Quercetin, Bromelain, and grape (Vitis Vinifera) extract.
Directions for Use: Take 2 tablets daily between meals.
Contents: 100 tablets.Brand: UBB by Baxco. $34.00

Vita-Ease Herb Energy Plaster
Far Infrared & Natural Herb Energy Plasters absorb body heat and convert it to energy for instant, satisfying relief. Use for tough muscular pains and body aches.
Directions for Use: Apply to afflicted areas as needed, on the navel for stomach aches, lower abdomen for menstrual pain, on the chest to soothe oppression, on each side of the kidney for spermatorrhoea or on the bladder for polyuria. For a sound night's sleep place vita ease on a pillow or upon the soles of feet.
Contents: 4 plasters per packet, each plaster measuring 4" X 6".Brand: Universal Herbs, USA. $7.00

Wong Lop Kong Medicated Oil
Safflower, peppermint, frankincense and myrrh round off traditional healing agents, angelica, danshen, chuanxiong, dragon's blood resin and camphor in this traditional oil. Use for bruises, blood clots, sores, aches and pains from a variety of arthritic, rheumatic conditions or from injury.
Ingredients: Camphor oil, angelica dang gui, dragon blood resin, frankincense gum resin, salvia root, carthamus flower, ligusticum rhizome, tea oil. Made in China.
Directions for Use: Apply droplets to afflicted areas as needed.
Contents: 1 fl oz (30ml) glass bottle.Brand: Wong Lop Kong, China. $8.00