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Productos naturales elaborados en forma de decocción y te.

Vita-BSB Tea
Vita's Blood Sugar Balance Tea may effectively control high blood sugar levels for early stage diabetics. All herbal, all natural with no caffeine.
Ingredients: Toona Sinensis, Flos Chrysanthemi, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum (Thunb) Makino, and Rhizoma Imperatae. Made by Universal Herb, TX, USA.
Directions: Place tea bag into 8 oz of hot water and let seep 3 minutes. Drink cold or warm once or twice daily.
Contains: 15 bags per box. 45 grams net weight.

Brand: Universal Herbs, USA. $14.50

Vita-Livr TeaThe liver is restored to balance and healthy metabolic function with a tea specifically formulated to address liver dysfunction brought on by overwork, fatigue, lack of necessary rest and formative nutrition. Use as liver tonic for antitumor, antioxidant colonic health.
Ingredients: Rhinacanthus nasutus, verbenea officinalis, ludwigia octovalvis raven, acanthopanax senticosus, pteris multifida poiret, gynostemma pentaphyllum makino. Made by Universal Herb, TX, USA.
Directions for Use: Place teabag into 16 oz. of hot water. Brew about three minutes. Consume 1-2 bags per day.
Contents: 15 bags per box. 4.5 gm net weight.

Brand: Universal Herbs, USA. $14.50

American Windsor Ginseng Tea
Tea bags containing highest grade ginseng, panax quinquefolius. Windsor tea contains double the rb ginsenosides of Korean ginseng. Use for general health improvement, recharging immune system. Theurapeutic, esssential.
Ingredients: Ginseng grown in Wisconsin, USA.
Directions for Use: Seep 3-5 minutes before serving.
Contents: 48 bags. $30.00

Ban Lan Gen Instant Beverage
Antibacterial, anti viral effect of isatis root in convenient beverage. Removes toxic heat, reducing blood heat and swelling. Varied uses including seasonal flu, the common cold, tonsillitis, mumps with symptoms including fever, headache, sore throat and swelling. Beneficial also for measles and hepatitis states.
Ingredients: Folium isatis, radix isatis (leaf and root of isatis), herba tarxaci, herba violae, cane sugar.
Directions for Use: Mix with water for cold or hot beverage.
Contents: 16 tea bags.

Brand: Ge Xian Weng. $4.00

Be Min Kan Herbal Tea
A soothing blend of herbs helps to fend nasal passages from cold and allergy irritants for clearer breathing without caffeine or additives.
Ingredients: Magnolia flower bud, Xanthium whole plant, Astragalus root, Gotu kola whole plant, Chinese gianthyssop entire plant, Fragrant angelica root, Chinese licorice root, Forsythia fruit.
Directions for Use: Steep one tea bag  in 8 oz boiled water for approx 10 mins.
Contents: 20 tea bags. Net wt: 1.76 oz/ 50gm.
Brand: Wuzhou RFX Co, China. $5.00

Beauti-Leaf Choulextoros Care Tea
Specifically formulated to help lower, balance, normalize cholesterol levels. Drink morning or mid day for an herb boost.
Directions for Use: Steep 1-2 bags 3-5 minutes. Add honey or drink straight.
Ingredients: Radix Polygoni, Multiflori, Eucommiaceae, Crataegus, Pinnatifida, Lycium Barum, Panax Ginseng.
Contents: 20 tea bags per unit. $4.00

Diep Ha Chau Hepatic Antidote Tea
Clears bile to detox. Phyllanthus urinaria concocted as convenient tea bags benefits interior heat symptoms such as boils, itching as well as acute/chronic hepatitis conditions and liver disturbance from alcohol, chemicals, fat in liver.
Ingredients: 50% Phyllanthus urinaria, 30% Eclipta alba, 20% Curcuma longa. Made by Tra Tui Loc Hoang Duy, Vietnam.
Directions for Use: Infuse 1-2 tea bags of 150 ml boiling water for approximately 5 minutes. Sugar or maple syrup may be added. For best results: take 4-6 tea bags daily for a treatment period of 1-2 months.
Contents: 20 bags, 1.5 gm each. $7.50

Fan Shi Liu Jiang Tang Herbal Tea
Lowers blood sugar with scented tea of guava leaf, persimmon leaf and hawthorn.
Ingredients: Guava Leaf, Persimmon Leaf, Hawthorn. No chemical additives. No caffeine.
Directions for Use: Seep one teabag in 6 fl oz water for 3-5 minutes. Do not use more than 2 teabags in a given 24 hour period.
Contents: 20 tea bags, 1.41 oz/40 gm.

Made in China. $6.00

Gynostemma or Jiao Gu Lan Herb Tea
Jiaogulan, known as China's magic grass, has shown antioxidant and adaptogenic effects purported to increase longevity. A cup a day may lower cholesterol, high blood pressure while strengthening immunity and inhibiting cancer growth.
Ingredients: Gynostemma.
Directions for Use: Seep one-two tea bags in boiled water for 4-5 minutes.
Contents: 60gm/2.1 oz net wt. Each bag contains 5gm.

Brand: KGS, China. $6.50

Gynostemma Pentaphylla Herbal Tea
Lowers cholesterol. Lowers high blood pressure, improving immunity and inhibiting cancer growth. Known well as jiaogulan with antioxidant and adaptogenic effects that may increase longevity.
Ingredients: Gynostemma Pentaphylla
Contents: 16 bags.

Brand: Ge Xian Weng. $4.00

Honeysuckle Herbal Tea from Ge Xian Weng
Inherently antibacterial. Clears and detoxifies, inhibiting bacterial growth, cooling and reducing heat manifestations in the process. Effective drink to clear ulcers, sore throat, internal and external heat infections. Acts as expectorant to treat cough and mild asthma.
Directions for Use: Consume 1-2 bags well seeped, 3-4 times daily.
Ingredients: Honeysuckle, sugar. Made by Guilin Gexianweng Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd, China.
Contents: 160 gm net wt. 10 g x 16 bags of tea.

Brand: Ge Xian Weng. $4.00

Isatis Root or Ban Lan Gen Beverage
Isatis works to stabilize and normalize during seasonal changes. Removes toxic heat manifested as sore throat, swelling, headache, fever, seasonal flu, the common cold, tonsilitis, mumps. Benefits infectious symptoms associated with hepatitis and measles.  
Ingredients: Isatis root 7500mg, isatis leaf 2500 mg. Each packet of beverage contains 10gm of herb. 
Contents: 12 packets.
Directions for Use: Take 1-2 packets 3 times daily.

Brand: Wuzhou RFX Co, China. $4.50

Kipling Keepfit Tea
Mix premier China tea with five weight loss promoting herbs, and you’ve got a recipe for teenage metabolism. Lotus leaf, senna leaf, gynostemma rhizome, perilla stem and perilla leaf complement a base of oolong tea leaves to stimulate.
Made by M&A, China.
Directions for Use:
Brew one tea bag per cup. Drink 1-3 cups per day. Not for pregnant women or children.
Contents: 30 tea bags per box. 60 gm/2.1 oz net weight.

Brand: M & A Brand, China. $7.25

Lao Jiang Nuan Wei Cha Herbal Tea
Ginger as tea promotes balanced digestion while relieving and warming the stomach channel and senses. Use before eating to reduce gaseous emission. Combined here with red date in a base of black tea to comfort stomach.
Ingredients: Aged dried ginger, red date, dwarf lilyturf, black tea.
Directions for Use: Steep one bag in 6 fl oz boiled water for 2-3 minutes before tasting.
Contents: 20 teabags. Net wt: 1.41 oz/ 40gm. $6.00

Lipoherb Tea or Jiang Zhi Tong Mai
Quickens blood to move stasis, dispersing the liver to harmonzie qi. Reduces symptoms associated with fatty liver, adiposity, arteriosclerosis. Benefits high blood sugar and hyperlipemia states.
Directions for Use: Consume 1-2 bags as prepared tea twice daily.
Ingredients: Japanese honeysuckle {Jin Yin Hua} (flower) Sickle-pod senna {Jue Ming Zi} (seed) Turmeric {Yu Jin} (root tuber) Asian water Plantain {Ze Xie} (rhizome) Chinese salvia {Dan Shen} (root & rhizome) Gardenia {Zhi Zi} (fruit) Caution: Do not use if pregnant
Contents: 18 tea bags.

Brand: KGS, China. $6.00

Oldenlandia Diffusa Herbal Tea
Oldenlandia diffusa (Bai Hua She She Cao) is one of the herbs most commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine for treating cancer, viral infections (e.g. hepatitis) as well as toxic heat syndromes like acne, boils, carbuncles, sores, ulcerations, cellulitis, scrofula, and other external diseases. Its range of folk and clinical usage has been extensive and includes treatment also of swollen and painful throat, bronchitis, gynecologic infection, pelvic inflammatory disease. Available as instant tea to invigorate and move blood for the warding off and prevention of these states. Various studies using the herb alone or in combination with other therapy plans have evidenced the effectiveness of the herb in the management of cancers of different tissue origin, reports the NIH. 
Ingredients: Cane sugar, oldenlandia diffusa, sun plant.
Directions for Use: May be consumed 3-4 times daily. 1-2 bags each time mixed in boiled water.
Contents: 10g per 16 packets.

Brand: Ge Xian Weng. $4.00

Qu Dou Mei Fu Qu Ban Herbal Tea
Weight loss by formula here turns to honeysuckle and dendranthema flower for inspiration. $6.00

Ren Shen Xian Rong Zhuang Yang Cha Herbal Tea
Tonifies qi, heart blood and kidney yin and yang. Soothing tea excellent for recovery use following illness, surgery or childbirth. Beneficial for conditions characterized by poor appetite, anemia, weak legs and back, mental restlessness, insomnia, poor memory.
Ingredients: Ginseng, Pilose antler, walnut, Chinese magnolia vine fruit, Chinese wolfberry fruit, common curculigo rhizome. No caffeine. No chemical additives. Made by Yesheng, China.
Directions for Use: Steep 1 teabag in 6 fl oz boiled water for 3-5 minutes. Do not use more than 2 teabags in one 24-hour period.
Contents: 20 tea bags. Net wt: 1.41 oz/ 40gm. $8.00

Self-Heal Herbal Tea
Commonly called self-heal or heal-all, Prunella vulgaris in TCM can change the course of chronic disease due to interior heat. Combined here with mulberry leaf and chrysanthemum, prunella works to soothe sore throat, fever, heart and liver related symptoms.
Ingredients: Self-heal, Mulberry leaf, Chrysanthemum.
Contents: 16 tea bags, each 8gm. Net wt: 128gm/4.5oz.
Directions for Use: Take 1-2 bags each, three times daily.

Brand: Wuzhou RFX Co, China. $4.00

Shou Fu Xiao Zhi Jian Fei Herbal Tea
Oriental water plantain and red-rooted salvia in this blend work to detoxify, balance and curve cravings to help with springtime weight loss.
Ingredients: Oriental water plantain, root of red-rooted salvia, cassia seed, root of membraneous milk vetch, hawthorn, lotus leaf, Japanese pagoda tree flower bud. Made by Yesheng, China.
Contents: 20 tea bags. Net wt: 1.41 oz/40 gm.
Directions for Use: Seep one bag in 6 fl oz hot water for 3-5 minutes. Not to exceed 2 teabags in one 24 hour period. $6.00

Shui De An Cha Herbal Tea
Formulated for falling asleep and sleeping well until morning. Caffeine and preservative free.
Ingredients: Acanthopanax root bark, spie datne seed, Chinese magnolcavine fruit, dwarf lilyturf tuber. 
Directions for Use: Seep 1-2 bags 5-10 minutes before consuming.
Contents: 12 tea bags. $6.00

Vita Blood Pressure Tea
Invigorates blood circulation to promote and maintain healthy blood pressure levels.
Ingredients: Apocymum, kudzu root, prunella, broadleaf plantain, hirsute gambirplant, lalang grass rhizome, licorice. Made by Universal Herbs, Sugar Land, TX.
Directions for Use: Steep one bag in 8 fl oz water for 3-4 minutes. Each bag may be reused 2-3 times.
Contents: 15 tea bags. Net wt: 45 gms.

Brand: Universal Herbs, USA. $14.50

Vita-Energy Tea
Ganoderma, panax ginseng and chrysanthemum are combined to make an antioxidant rich tea that helps to increase strength, vitality while boosting immunity.
Ingredients: Astralagus membranacus, acanthopanax senticosus, ganoderma lucidum, lycium chinensis, panax ginseng, chrysanthemum. Made by Universal Herb, TX.
Directions for Use as indicated on label.
Contents: 15 tea bags per box.

Brand: Universal Herbs, USA. $14.50

Vita-Shape Tea
Helps regulate body mass index, lower cholesterol and uric acid levels. Use to relieve constipation. 
Ingredients: Ganoderma lucidum, cassiae torae semen, coicis semen, crataegus cuneata. Made in TX by Universal Herba USA,
Directions for Use: Seep one bag per 8 oz of boiled water for three minutes. Drink hot or cold as preferred.
Contents: 15 tea bags per box. Net weight 45 gm.

Brand: Universal Herbs, USA. $14.50

Wang Lao Ji or Wong Lo Kat Herbal Tea
Formulated in 1828 and still one of China's best selling teas. Composed of 7 ingredients, primarily heal all with its antibacterial properties. Heal all inhibits the growth of pseudomonas, Bacillus typhi, E. coli, Mycobacterium tuberculi while providing for a tasty tea to rejuvenate digestion and regulate overall body systems.
Ingredients: Radix Ilicis Asprellae, Semen Oroxyli, Herba Helicteris Angustifoliae, Herbal Polygoni Chinensis, Rhizoma Lygodii.
Directions for Use: Steep in boiled water, 1 bag each time, 1-2 times daily to supplement.
Contents: 10 tea bags. Net wt. .35 oz/ 10gm. $3.00

Westlake Tea
Less speculative than e-cigarettes. Curbs craving naturally with green tea harvested from Tian Mu Mountain in Hang Zhou and formulated to help end nicotine addiction.
Ingredients: Green tea, sacred lotus seed, Asian ginseng root, Chinese asparagus root tuber, Chinese licorice root.
Directions for Use: Seep for 3-5 minutes. Drink warm.
Contents: 8 tea bags.$5.00

White Chrysanthemum
Relieves the surface, releasing internal heat, wind, toxin to calm liver, clear heat, improve eyesight, subdue inflammation and expel unwanted. Valuable for conditions due to external pathogen, with furuncles, carbuncles, swelling symptoms; for coronary heart disease, hypertension. Improves cardiovascular function, thrombosis, preventing and treating cardiovascular disease, reducing fever, tranquilizing the mind, inhibiting bacteria, combatting virus, retarding onset of senility, enhancing longevity. 
Directions for Use: Prepare 9-15 gms as tea. Consume as tea. Use waste of flower as compress applied warm but not scalding directly to afflicted area. 
Qty: 100gms.$6.50