* Stop Coughing Powder (zhi sou san)

Chief: Zi Wan, Bai Qian, Bai Bu

Deputy: Jie Geng, Chen Pi

Assistant: Jing Jie

Envoy: Gan Cao       

Pattern: Lingering cough due to wind attacking the Lung.

Indications: Coughing with slight chills and fever, or no chills and fever, an itchy throat, a thin, white tongue coating, and a moderate, floating pulse. 

This is wind attacking the Lung. This presentation usually occurs as the sequela to an externally-contracted disease that has been treated, but in which the cough persists.Cautions and contraindications: This formula has a tendency to dry and should therefore not be used in treating coughs associated with Yin deficiency. It was designed for treating Wind-Cold and should not be used without modification in treating coughs due to heat in the Lung. 

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