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*Evodia Decoction (wu zhu yu tang)

Chief: Wu Zhu Yu

Deputy: Sheng Jiang

Assistant: Ren Shen

Envoy: Da Zao

Pattern: Cold from deficiency of the Stomach (and Liver)

Indications: Used for three different presentations:

1) vomiting immediately after eating, indeterminate gnawing hunger, and acid regurgitation with or without epigastric pain due to Cold from deficiency of the Stomach;

2) dry heaves or spitting of clear fluids with headache at the vertex due to Cold from deficiency of the Stomach and Liver;

3) vomiting and diarrhea with Cold hands and feet, and agitation so severe that the patient wants to die due to Cold attacking the middle burner.

In all cases the tongue is not red, but the tongue has a white, slippery coating, and the pulse is thin and slow or thin and wiry.

Cautions and contraindications: Do not use in cases of acid regurgitation or vomiting due to heat. In cases of severe vomiting, this formula should be taken at room temperature to help prevent vomiting of the formula. Possible side effects of this formula include dizziness, headache, and chest discomfort.