*Gentiana Longdancao Decoction to Drain the Liver (long dan xie gan tang)

Chief: Long Dan Cao

Deputy:        Huang qin, Zhi Zi, Chai Hu

Assistant:      Mu Tong, Che Qian Zi, Ze Xie, Sheng Di Huang, Dang Gui

Envoy:          Gan Cao

Pattern: Excess Heat in Liver / Gallbladder Channels

Indications: Pain in the hypochondria, headache, dizziness, red sore eyes, hearing loss, swelling in the ears, Bitter taste, irritability, short temper, a wiry, rapid, and forceful pulse, and red tongue with yellow coating.  Also: difficult and painful hot urination, swollen itchy external genitalia, foul-smelling leukorrhea. Women: shortened cycle withreddish-purple menstrual blood.

Cautions and contraindications: This formula can harm the Spleen. It should therefore not be taken for prolonged periods or in large doses, nor in cases with Spleen deficiency or injury to the fluids.

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