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* Restore the Spleen Decoction (gui pi tang)     

Chief: Ren Shen, Huang qi, Bai Zhu, Zhi Gan Cao

Deputy: Long Yan Rou, Dang Gui, Suan Zao Ren, Fu Shen, Yuan Zhi

Assistant: Mu Xiang

Envoy: Sheng Jiang, Da Zao

Pattern: Spleen and Heart deficiency or Qi and blood deficiency due to fatigue or over-thinking

Indications: Forgetfulness, palpitations (with or without anxiety), insomnia, dream-disturbed sleep, anxiety and phobia, feverishness, withdrawal, reduced appetite, a pallid and wan complexion, a pale tongue with a thin, white coating, and a thin, frail pulse. Chronic bleeding syndromes may also be part of the presentation. Women may experience early periods with copious, pale blood or prolonged, almost continuous periods with little flow.          

Commentary: This formula is basically a modified combination of Si jun zi tang and Dang gui bu xue tang.

It is used for three types of manifestations: 1) restless Heart spirit; 2) Qi and blood deficiency; and 3) the inability of the Spleen to control the blood.  All three patterns arise from the deficiency of Qi and blood. Although the formula is used in treating deficiency of both the Heart and Spleen, it focuses primarily on the Spleen. 

​Dermatogía: Tratamiento de la alopecia areata.

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