* Eliminate Wind Powder from True Lineage (xiao feng san)

Chief: Jing Jie, Fang Feng, Niu Bang Zi, Chan Tui

Deputy: Cang Zhu, Ku Shen, Mu Tong, Shi Gao, Zhi Mu

Assistant: Sheng Di Huang, Dang Gui, Hei Zhi Ma

Envoy: Gan Cao       

Pattern: Wind-Heat or wind-dampness with underlying damp-heat.

Indications: Weepy, itchy, red skin lesions over a large part of the body, a yellow or white tongue coating, and a forceful, floating, and rapid pulse.

Cautions and contraindications: Because this formula is primarily dispersing in nature, it should not be used in cases with marked Qi deficiency or blood deficiency. 

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